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Parking at LSU can be a very frustrating experience, especially for commuters.  The best and most updated source on Parking at LSU in general is the LSU Office of Parking, Traffic, and Transportation’s website.  A parking map is also provided to students at (flash player is required)

In general, commuter parking is provided on the south and western sides of campus.  The map on the left is current as of January 2013.  Blue shaded areas are commuter parking.

Commuter Tip: Utilize Campus Transit Bus System

One of the biggest frustrations to new students is the size of LSU’s campus.  An early class in Allen Hall, near Tiger Stadium, might require that the student park near the track to get to class on time.  If the student’s last class is in the new Business Education Complex (BEC), this means a 15 minute walk back to your vehicle is in order.  However, LSU also provides a service known as “Campus Transit”, which are most commonly used in place of commuting to school.  However, commuters can benefit from this service by riding the buses across campus from their last class to their parking spot.

For example, in the above scenario, a student with a class ending in the Business Education Complex (BEC) can catch the Downtown bus at Patrick Taylor Hall, which is only a 3-5 minute walk from the BEC.  The bus runs all the way through the heart of campus, and then down Nicholson drive, with a bus stop directly at the parking lot near the track.  This can cut down a 15 minute walk into a 5-10 minute bus ride, which is especially helpful on rainy days.

Commuter Tip: Cut out your Commute

You could also try cutting out your drive to class completely by riding campus transit all the way to school.  While slightly less convenient, the buses are fairly reliable, and can be tracked in real-time online!  Any smartphone with a web browser will work, although the tracking works best on devices with flash player, or iPhones and Android Phones which have an app.  Head over to and select your device at the top right.  If your mobile device does not have flash player or an app, click the Text option to receive bus updates in text format.

Commuter Tip: Time your arrival for best parking options

Classes at LSU follow a rhythmic schedule on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and also Tuesday/Thursday.  On Mon/Wed/Fri, classes begin on the half hour, and end at 20 minutes past the hour.  For example, classes which begin at 8:30 will let out at 9:20.  On Tue/Thu, classes run 1.5 hours, starting at 7:30.  This means that a 7:30 class will end at 9:50.

With the above times in mind, try to time your arrival about 3-5 minutes after classes let out.  This means that students will have had time to get to their cars and head home, causing them to be leaving just as you arrive.  This is the best method to increase your chance at grabbing a decent parking spot each day.  Usually, this method will give you time to park and get to class just on time.  If you are not worried about making a particular class on time, or do not currently have class, waiting about 10 minutes after classes let out will usually yield more opportunities for parking.

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